Luis Mariano In the village

Luis Mariano
Luis Mariano (real name Mariano Eusebio González y García), was born on 12 August 1914 in Irun in the Spanish Basque Country. He and his family took refuge in Bordeaux during the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939).
In 1942, he was broadcast on Paris radio after perfecting his vocal technique.
His first operetta, La Belle de Cadix in 1945, came into being from a meeting with Francis Lopez and Raymond Vincy. His career was launched, and from that time onwards he would never leave 
the stage.
He performed in eight major productions in the operetta genre, and until 1970 headlined at the Théâtre du Châtelet in Paris. A multi-talented artist (he was also a draughtsman and painter), he starred in 29 big-screen and television films, including Sérénade au Texas and Violettes impériales. 
In 1959, he started building his house in Arcangues. He entrusted the project to local artisans and named the house Marianoko Etxea. All his days off were spent here at the house.
On the 1st of January 1969, he was awarded the Honorary Citizen’s Diploma of the commune of Arcangues.
He passed away on the 14th July 1970 and was buried in Arcangues on the 18th July. His tomb in the village cemetery is always in flower, and his bust, sculpted by Paul Belmondo, is on display at the tourist office. This a place of memories and quiet reflection, and a constant stream of people arrives by bus to pay their respects at the tomb of the celebrated operetta singer.
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