Théatre de la Nature In the village

Théatre de la Nature
Built by Bayonne architect Cazamayou, the theatre is a large, traditional wooden structure covering a spacious hall, tiered benches and a stage. On display is a sculpture of the Pays Basque coat of arms, disc-shaped monolith sculptures, and a huge fresco by Ramiro Arrue that represents the panoramic view of the mountains from the village.
Under the domed roof, the Dolphin Fountain stands on a brick pediment encrusted with stones, surrounded by seven seigneurial armchairs that are said to represent the seven Basque provinces.
The whole design was conceived by Pierre d’Arcangues, in keeping with a well-researched aesthetic concept.
Ramiro ARRUE (1892-1971), an illustrator and ceramist born in Bilbao, is certainly the painter who most represents the Pays Basque and the soul of its people.
The theatre is the perfect venue for village activities: markets, jumble sales, and the festivities at the beginning of June. These five days of exuberant celebration are taken up with games of pelote, musical entertainment and a rustic feast involving tastings of regional produce.